Youtube Part 4: vlogbrothers

Well, this is the last of the Youtube series that I’m doing for a while because it’s the last week of NaBloPoMo. This week I’m featuring two of the most prominent Youtubers since 2007: vlogbrothers.

Hank & John Green

The vlogbrothers started making videos on Youtube since January 1, 2007 in which, for one year, they gave up textual communication and could only communicate through Continue reading


Mini-Youtube: Musicals!

I’m obsessed with musicals at the moment with songs of Broadway playing constantly on Pandora and Spotify. I’ve only heard a handful but the music is what I connect to the most. So far Les Miserables is my favorite. It’s the one that keeps playing in my head a lot.

This song, Bring Him Home, is my favorite out of all of them… well, second favorite. The video above shows the 4 different actors who played Jean Valjean on Broadway and West End. “The Bishop” is a wonderful song too.

I hope that my interest grows outside of the main stream stuff because I find that’s where some of the hidden treasures lie.


(Side Note: Seeing a Broadway play on Broadway is a big wish of mine.)

The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd

This song’s been playing in the background for the past couple of days. I grew up watching/adoring the Lord of the Ring trilogy and now the Hobbit trilogy. It’s sad to think that in a month’s time, it’ll be over. It is very unlikely for more movies about Middle Earth to come out since the Tolkien estate holds the rights to them. So I am thankful for what we were given.

I’ll give my full thoughts on the entire franchise/mythology after the last Hobbit movie. It’s too sad to think about it now.

YouTube Part 2: Rhett and Link

Continuing this series from my previous post, I’d like to introduce my newest obsession: Rhett and Link

This duo has been creating online content since 2007 (possibly before) which makes them one of the older groups of Youtubers that remain successful after all these years. There are only a handful of them… maybe two handfuls. But the unique factor with these two is that they’ve been best friends since they met in 1st grade, over 30 years ago. That’s pretty amazing.

They do all types of videos from music videos, cheesy local tv commercials, skits, and a daily talk show. They have two YouTube channels; the first video below is a trailer for their main channel dedicated to skits, music videos, and commericals. The second video below is a trailer for their second channel which is dedicated to their morning talk show.

They’re also successful in advertisement. They create some of the oddest commercials, some of which were featured in

Heck, they even have a podcast that feature other YouTubers which I listen to as well. It’s all clean and safe for kids which is quite unique for YT and one of the reasons why I enjoy them. Check them out!

Youtube Series: Mercy Tree

On hard days like today where I’m just tired and anxious, instead of writing about it constantly, I’ll just post Youtube videos and note why I love them. I won’t do this all the time. Writing is a good outlet for me. But there are some days where you just want to go to bed after work/school/daily life. A full-time job is something I’m not used to, having been a part-timer for 7 years, especially in short notice. Maybe I’ll hold off trying to do multiple things a day. I need to condition myself to go to bed early, wake up early, set my priorities, leave early to make it on time for work because it’s a 15 minute drive. (Thanks to the three schools on my route.)

Now onto Youtube:

For those unfamiliar outside of the occasional viral videos, cat videos, and people making fools of themselves, Youtube is actually a great alternative to TV. With genres in cooking, news, talk, education, etc. it is a very versatile medium. Most creators aren’t backed by TV studios which means they can be themselves. Some of them find great success being able to make a living and even become a legitimate workplace.

It’s quite clear that I’m a big fan of the medium. Therefore, why not show some of my favorite videos and creators?

Part 1: Mercy Tree

One of the obvious reasons, I love Youtube is the availability of music. It’s everywhere. You can listen to any song. This song happens to be my anxiety medication. It is one of the many songs that pops in my head when anxious feelings start creeping in.

Lacey Sturm, former lead singer of Flyleaf, has an amazing testimony. I urge everyone to check it out. Flyleaf’s songs are genuine and leave me feeling hopeful despite their edgy appearance. ¬†Mercy Tree is musically different but it’s a favorite. The lyrics are powerful in my eyes. There’s something powerful and amazing about the chorus, “Death has died, Love has won.” This song is a praise song to the One who conquered death to bring us life. With that in mind, the anxiety shrinks back. Love and Joy lingers.

I hope that anyone who listens to this will be uplifted.