International Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I had a chance to experience a multi-cultural Thanksgiving. My family and I went to the house of our local university’s professor along with some students. All together, there were Koreans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, and Americans at this dinner. The main foods were the usual turkey and American sides. In adding an international twist to this, Kimchi and fried plantains were also included. It was all so good.

I am so thankful for that evening. I love seeing cultures come together under one roof. It’s what make this country special to me. Pilgrims aside, Thanksgiving this year made me appreciate diversity yet again.

The food pictures do NOT do it justice to how good it was. In fact, they look cruddy but it all tasted so good.


Mini-Youtube: Musicals!

I’m obsessed with musicals at the moment with songs of Broadway playing constantly on Pandora and Spotify. I’ve only heard a handful but the music is what I connect to the most. So far Les Miserables is my favorite. It’s the one that keeps playing in my head a lot.

This song, Bring Him Home, is my favorite out of all of them… well, second favorite. The video above shows the 4 different actors who played Jean Valjean on Broadway and West End. “The Bishop” is a wonderful song too.

I hope that my interest grows outside of the main stream stuff because I find that’s where some of the hidden treasures lie.


(Side Note: Seeing a Broadway play on Broadway is a big wish of mine.)

Time Management Again

I really need to start managing my time better. These past few nights, I’ve stayed up ’til 11 writing blog posts including tonight. it’s really tiring and never restful.

Not only do I feel like I’m failing this challenge because not only am I’m writing about wanting to sleep a lot but also I still don’t know what to write about. Other than my YT series and sharing thoughts, my writing is pretty limited.

But maybe this is the reason for the challenge. It’s actually challenging. Maybe over the weekend, I can start planning on my writing and how long it should take. If this sounds repetitive, that’s because it is. I think I’ve said this before, weekends would be my blog planning time. That never made it into reality. Yikes.

Either way, it’d be nice to get 8 hrs of sleep again.

Need to sleep

11pm. It’s too late to write now. It’s time to sleep. Should be sleeping now but alas, I am writing this blog.

6.5-7 hours of sleep is enough for me. It should be fine. Now I’m worried…


Horrible at Keeping up with Things

I always start things and never finish them. Why is that? I always say, “I’m going to start doing this!” and then get to it for about 3 days. Then I stop and wait til 5 months go by and forget it.

It’s rather depressing really. I want to be motivated to do things but it never works for me. I guess it’s just laziness. But I hate it. I hate being called lazy.

Right now though, I feel stuck. I should be looking for jobs but I have no motivation. The only consistent thing I do is my nightly routine of brushing my teeth, combing my hair, turn my computer off, read my Bible, play games on my iTouch for about 2 hours and go to sleep at an “ungodly” hour and wake up at 10-11am in the morning.

How can I change this?
What motivates people to get out of bed and be productive?