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Just a small update on the website front:


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Challenges & Fall

Today is the start of National Blog Posting Month. Challenge accepted. In the spirit of a new month, I change my theme. even though I change it almost every week. I’m never happy with it so it may change tomorrow or next week or even in 2 hours.


It’s my favorite season. The leaves change colors and they fall creating a colorful tapestry on the ground. It’s cool outside. I love wearing jackets, sweaters, and long-sleeved shirts.

Though this Fall hasn’t been as fun as normal with the leaves change. It rained more thus giving the late Summer/early Fall a Springtime feel. Everything was green and flowers were out. It’s even stayed warm until mid-last week. During this week, the wind was blowing and most of the leaves fell. It happened so fast. I wish there was moreĀ time to change colors and stay on the trees a little longer.