It’s my last post for NaBloPoMo. Aside from 2/3 days, there was a post for every single day of the month in November! I’m so happy about it! In celebration and just random chance, I went grocery shopping to buy tons of fresh foods and snacks for work this week. Here’s to good health and feeling better!

My family and I are really looking forward to December. My brother and his family are moving into town. Christmas season is here so it’s always festive. It’ll be my second month of work. I really hope and pray that it’ll lead to more opportunities.

It’s been a good month overall and even though I wanted to do more photography, it’s hard being motivated when you’re exhausted. I’ll go back to my weekly blog and hopefully find some structure (again). These daily blogs are hard to reach an audience because I’m still trying to figure out what my blog should be about. So far, it’s mainly an online journal which isn’t bad but I dislike the unstructured format. Somedays I talk about this and then the next day I talk about that. It feels cluttered. So for now, the plan is to figure out what I’m passionate about and focus on that with the occasional random post.

Anyway, thanks for reading whoever’s out there. Thanks for liking a few posts and I hope that everything was enjoyable.



Balanced Diet

Since my job began a month ago, I’ve eaten nothing but a frozen, cheap food and fast food for lunch. It’s taking a toll on me and I hate it now. My body hurts. My pants don’t fit. I’m tired all the time. My digestive tract is a frikkin’ mess, and I’m sick of it.

Our bodies weren’t meant to consume all this junk. In fact, yesterday, during a long shopping trip, I ordered lettuce wrap and ate all the lettuce. It was so good to eat fresh foods.

The plan for this month (outside of Christmas and the occasional snack) is to eat more natural foods. More fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, beans, the whole lot. Last year, I did this too and I felt so much better. Throughout the internet, there are tons of ideas. So far, my favorite food ideas are from the vegan side. There are tons of snacks/lunches including this one. I won’t/can’t buy all the organic foods, but these have some greats ideas to copy from. Her hummus, spinach, and tomato wrap looks delicious. Another idea is the vegan club sandwich and I will definitely have this next week.

I also don’t plan on becoming a vegan anytime soon. I just love the recipes and how much they incorporate unprocessed foods. It helps me track of what food I eat. Also, the preps and presentation for the food is great. It’s not all salads, you can eat tasty meals. You just have to put in the effort.

I’m excited for this. I really hope that it’ll help my body feel normal again.

International Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I had a chance to experience a multi-cultural Thanksgiving. My family and I went to the house of our local university’s professor along with some students. All together, there were Koreans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, and Americans at this dinner. The main foods were the usual turkey and American sides. In adding an international twist to this, Kimchi and fried plantains were also included. It was all so good.

I am so thankful for that evening. I love seeing cultures come together under one roof. It’s what make this country special to me. Pilgrims aside, Thanksgiving this year made me appreciate diversity yet again.

The food pictures do NOT do it justice to how good it was. In fact, they look cruddy but it all tasted so good.

Youtube Part 4: vlogbrothers

Well, this is the last of the Youtube series that I’m doing for a while because it’s the last week of NaBloPoMo. This week I’m featuring two of the most prominent Youtubers since 2007: vlogbrothers.

Hank & John Green

The vlogbrothers started making videos on Youtube since January 1, 2007 in which, for one year, they gave up textual communication and could only communicate through Continue reading

Mini-Youtube: Musicals!

I’m obsessed with musicals at the moment with songs of Broadway playing constantly on Pandora and Spotify. I’ve only heard a handful but the music is what I connect to the most. So far Les Miserables is my favorite. It’s the one that keeps playing in my head a lot.

This song, Bring Him Home, is my favorite out of all of them… well, second favorite. The video above shows the 4 different actors who played Jean Valjean on Broadway and West End. “The Bishop” is a wonderful song too.

I hope that my interest grows outside of the main stream stuff because I find that’s where some of the hidden treasures lie.


(Side Note: Seeing a Broadway play on Broadway is a big wish of mine.)

The Verdict

My heart is heavy tonight at the situation in Ferguson. Not because of the verdict but because one man is still dead, a family is still grieving, a larger divide has been created, and peaceful protests won’t be heard in the midst of violence. No matter what the verdict would’ve been… the city and it’s people are hurting.