Balanced Diet

Since my job began a month ago, I’ve eaten nothing but a frozen, cheap food and fast food for lunch. It’s taking a toll on me and I hate it now. My body hurts. My pants don’t fit. I’m tired all the time. My digestive tract is a frikkin’ mess, and I’m sick of it.

Our bodies weren’t meant to consume all this junk. In fact, yesterday, during a long shopping trip, I ordered lettuce wrap and ate all the lettuce. It was so good to eat fresh foods.

The plan for this month (outside of Christmas and the occasional snack) is to eat more natural foods. More fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, beans, the whole lot. Last year, I did this too and I felt so much better. Throughout the internet, there are tons of ideas. So far, my favorite food ideas are from the vegan side. There are tons of snacks/lunches including this one. I won’t/can’t buy all the organic foods, but these have some greats ideas to copy from. Her hummus, spinach, and tomato wrap looks delicious. Another idea is the vegan club sandwich and I will definitely have this next week.

I also don’t plan on becoming a vegan anytime soon. I just love the recipes and how much they incorporate unprocessed foods. It helps me track of what food I eat. Also, the preps and presentation for the food is great. It’s not all salads, you can eat tasty meals. You just have to put in the effort.

I’m excited for this. I really hope that it’ll help my body feel normal again.


International Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I had a chance to experience a multi-cultural Thanksgiving. My family and I went to the house of our local university’s professor along with some students. All together, there were Koreans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, and Americans at this dinner. The main foods were the usual turkey and American sides. In adding an international twist to this, Kimchi and fried plantains were also included. It was all so good.

I am so thankful for that evening. I love seeing cultures come together under one roof. It’s what make this country special to me. Pilgrims aside, Thanksgiving this year made me appreciate diversity yet again.

The food pictures do NOT do it justice to how good it was. In fact, they look cruddy but it all tasted so good.

International Food Night

Yesterday, my alma mater hosted an International Food Night. There were multiple countries represented including India, Mozambique, Mexican, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc. Each countries brought their own unique dishes and served samples of the dishes. It was all very good. It makes me really hope I can travel more. Traveling is so much fun. The food is a highlight for me because it says so much about a culture. Maybe one day…

In addition to the food, the booths were filled with colors, pictures, and souvenirs of the countries represented along with the students who dressed up in their ceremonial outfits. I wish I’d taken pictures to show. It was fun to hang out and learn about the different foods. My favorite dishes were from Ecuador, India, El Salvador, and Guatemala. I am bias, of course. Having traveled to most of those places before, except for El Salvador, I remember the flavors of those countries. Sadly though, I didn’t get to sample food from every country but that’s alright. There’s always next year.

To be honest, I am proud to be part of such a diverse college. It may seem common in a big state school, but for a small-town, Christian university, I don’t think many can boast a good amount of internationals. So thank you, alma mater, for being unique!

Start of a New Day

,First blog post and I don’t know what I’m going to post. The movie, Julie & Julia gave me the idea to start a blog. It’s so cute and I recommend it to everyone who loves a feel-good movie. My first task to conquer, ironically, is cooking. Gotta start making dishes that aren’t just pasta ones.