National Adoption Day

It’s National Adoption Day! Even though this day is more focused on domestic adoption and foster care, it’s still a day I’d like to recognize because adoption happens everywhere. Twenty-five years ago, I was adopted into a loving missionary family in Ecuador. That day would dramatically alter my life as a baby in a Catholic orphanage. I would’ve grown up into very different person and stayed in Ecuador. So I am beyond thankful for my life.

In all honesty, today would’ve been like any other day except for a FB friend posting about their adoption experience. Since following this person’s experience, I’ve grown particularly fond of adoption and appreciate it more than ever. Out of the many articles and research that are posted, the adoptees’ stories are my favorite. Many of them are written by adults who are close to my age. They wrote about their experiences and feelings. While everyone is not the same, they give me peace of mind about one thing; I’m “normal”. They showed me that the feelings and experiences I had growing up were validated and even normal. Some people would ask why do you need to feel normal? Yes, I embrace who I am and wouldn’t change my experiences but it’s nice to put into words what I was going through. There is one particular article that I cannot find at the moment that made me feel this. In this article, the author put words into EXACTLY how I felt. It was uncanny to see how accurate she was.

Today also is about the importance of education surrounding adoption and even interracial families. In my own ignorance, I forgot how important this is because not everyone knows the same thing I do. But stories like these and these make me realize that it’s actually an issue. It’s one thing for children to NOT understand and I will excuse their curiosity and bluntness. It’s another thing when an adult ask you some ignorant questions. Perhaps the next time when someone asks me about my “real mother,” I will respond a little differently, “My real mother is the woman I call mom. Just like yours.”

Enough negativity because adoption is a beautiful and positive thing. I love hearing about them because it’s a family coming together. Huffington Post has a photo essay showing families being reunited. also has a gallery for this year. It’s absolutely wonderful and it makes me teary-eyed. And today on NAD, what better way to honor it in by following and reading about the families as well as educating yourself about the process and the people.