Balanced Diet

Since my job began a month ago, I’ve eaten nothing but a frozen, cheap food and fast food for lunch. It’s taking a toll on me and I hate it now. My body hurts. My pants don’t fit. I’m tired all the time. My digestive tract is a frikkin’ mess, and I’m sick of it.

Our bodies weren’t meant to consume all this junk. In fact, yesterday, during a long shopping trip, I ordered lettuce wrap and ate all the lettuce. It was so good to eat fresh foods.

The plan for this month (outside of Christmas and the occasional snack) is to eat more natural foods. More fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, beans, the whole lot. Last year, I did this too and I felt so much better. Throughout the internet, there are tons of ideas. So far, my favorite food ideas are from the vegan side. There are tons of snacks/lunches including this one. I won’t/can’t buy all the organic foods, but these have some greats ideas to copy from. Her hummus, spinach, and tomato wrap looks delicious. Another idea is the vegan club sandwich and I will definitely have this next week.

I also don’t plan on becoming a vegan anytime soon. I just love the recipes and how much they incorporate unprocessed foods. It helps me track of what food I eat. Also, the preps and presentation for the food is great. It’s not all salads, you can eat tasty meals. You just have to put in the effort.

I’m excited for this. I really hope that it’ll help my body feel normal again.


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