Youtube Part 4: vlogbrothers

Well, this is the last of the Youtube series that I’m doing for a while because it’s the last week of NaBloPoMo. This week I’m featuring two of the most prominent Youtubers since 2007: vlogbrothers.

Hank & John Green

The vlogbrothers started making videos on Youtube since January 1, 2007 in which, for one year, they gave up textual communication and could only communicate through video. The older videos are a little awkward to watch because it’s their first time of making them. They were finding their groove. But they’re still quite entertaining. These videos also give a lot of context to newer videos. Because they’ve done this for so long, inside jokes and recurring themes will pop up.

Since then, they’ve built a massive empire surrounding YT and their fans. They have a community built around celebrating learning and all things nerd/geek. There are several different YT channels that are part of their network which includes SciShow, CrashCourse, The Art Assignment, and others. Most of the channels present education in a very entertaining manner, excluding a few personal channels. Their community also holds an annual charity drive, “Project for Awesome“.

John and Hank also founded the annual Youtube convention, VidCon, where thousands of people come to either meet their favorite YT celebrities. It also serves as an industry convention holding panels for those who make videos or industry guests (Disney, Dreamworks, and other big names).

These guys have done a lot and continue to do a lot. I barely scratched the surface of what they do.

I really encourage people to check them out. There is some mild language sprinkled into videos

Important note: John Green is the author of the successful book, The Fault in Our Stars. This book was made into a successful movie that was released earlier this year. His other book, Paper Towns, is currently in production too.


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