Library Trip

In an effort to accomplish a super-delayed goal, I finally picked up Prioritize Organize: The Art of Getting It Done from the library. I hope to gain some idea of how to manage myself and my time. I keep waiting until 11pm to start writing my blog instead of early evening. Waiting until the VERY last minute to write is a little stressful because by that time, I’m tired and I end up writing recycled topics such as this. (This is the 3rd/4th time to blog about the issue.)

I also picked up Purple Cow by Seth Godin. It’s a small book with a simple premise: “Be Unique!” Some people would call this obvious and it is obvious. But Seth puts obvious thoughts into an enjoyable read. I’ve read part of another one of his books ¬†with a simple premise of “Be innovative/Take Initiative!” Both books state simple ideas. However some people, like myself, need reminders of these concepts. It’s not intuitive to us. We have to learn and actively remember them until they become intuitive.

Ultimately, I look forward to reading these books and really hope that I can apply the ideas to life and work.


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