YouTube Part 2: Rhett and Link

Continuing this series from my previous post, I’d like to introduce my newest obsession: Rhett and Link

This duo has been creating online content since 2007 (possibly before) which makes them one of the older groups of Youtubers that remain successful after all these years. There are only a handful of them… maybe two handfuls. But the unique factor with these two is that they’ve been best friends since they met in 1st grade, over 30 years ago. That’s pretty amazing.

They do all types of videos from music videos, cheesy local tv commercials, skits, and a daily talk show. They have two YouTube channels; the first video below is a trailer for their main channel dedicated to skits, music videos, and commericals. The second video below is a trailer for their second channel which is dedicated to their morning talk show.

They’re also successful in advertisement. They create some of the oddest commercials, some of which were featured in

Heck, they even have a podcast that feature other YouTubers which I listen to as well. It’s all clean and safe for kids which is quite unique for YT and one of the reasons why I enjoy them. Check them out!


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