Week 1 Update

On Monday, I started a new job with a local business in town. Today was the end of that first week. It feels weird to be working again but at the same time, it feels so good. It’s also exhausting. I’m so glad it’s Friday night and not having to worry about the time.

This week was a good start. It took a little adjusting to a schedule but if you’re like me, you thrive on schedules. I’m still learning a lot about the industry and the lingo. There are so many different products. It’s a lot to take in. And I thoroughly enjoy it.

Today, especially, was a good day and it took off the burden I felt yesterday. Turns out that the anxiety attack was all for nothing. But that’s how anxiety works. Worrying and fearing for no logical reason. I’m making a mental note about learning to deal with it as it comes. But for later, right now, it’s time to rest.

….    Saturday. :-D


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