Unorganized Thoughts

his daily blogging thing is turning out to be more of an afterthought of a long day. Today was a long day. My first full day of work. I was starting at the computer screen 99% of the time just working on data entry. Data entry is fun when you can do it on your own terms/where you want. When doing data entry for my first “out of college” job, I could work at the local coffee shop or at home with my music/Youtube playing. Now that I’m doing it for a full-time desk job, it’s not as fun.

At 5pm, I come home and unwind… by staring at the computer watching tv shows/Youtube. IRONY. I end up forgetting that I have my blog, a beginner’s Spanish class to attend, and a little bit of volunteering that I signed up for. Maybe this is the season to learn good time management. I’d like to get into the habit of doing more because there is a lot I want to do. Perhaps spending 5 hours goofing around the internet is not a wise investment and maybe I should utilize weekends to get things done too.

Or perhaps I need to scale down my to-do list to make it more manageable and build it up.

If anyone is reading, what do you suggest? How do you manage your time in “doing it all”?


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