Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in my goal. Well, that was fast. Promise that I’d do something and fail. It’s frustrating when that happens because you know there’s no excuse. Instead you’ve wasted time on the internet and playing a computer game. Maybe the past 2.5 weeks were so exhausting that when I went to rest, I went back to old habits. There needs to be a sign on my forehead that says, “Don’t rest for too long! Keep going!”

In my search for tips on motivation, there is a repeated tip. “Remind yourself everyday to stay positive and motivated!” It’s training your mind to think differently. Like with any training, it’s hard at first. If you stumble, keep going! This is hard for someone with a fear of failure and lacks self-discipline. I also wonder if this has to do with stamina. While looking for jobs, I spent 10 hours on resumes, applications, etc for one day only to complete 4-5 of them. After that, I gave myself a break for 2 days which ended up being 3 weeks. That’s not good. I need to figure out a way to build up my stamina. Although in some fairness, it was during some temp work where I had to stay on my feet for 8 hrs. Yes, I need to time manage myself better. It also helps if there’s some schedule for my day. There also needs to be consistency in applying. I tend to stop applying when I get interview requests. I need to keep applying.

Instead of being frustrated, I need to take a step back and remind myself. “Keep going! You can do it.”


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