Project 1: Initiative

Maybe I should start by writing ideas down instead of storing them in my head. I had an idea for this blog post yet for some reason decided not to write a note about it. Now I don’t know what to write about. Ah, well.

In search of what to write about, I’m re-reading “Poke the Box” by the Seth Godin who is a marketing, entrepreneur, and (who I consider) a motivator. In the book, he just gives short essays with the recurring theme of “Take initiative!”.

In fact, it just spawned my first project: I want to talk to people who I consider to be risk-takers/initiators.  To see how/why they keep going, how they deal with fear, where did the drive come from, etc.

I’ve always had a huge admiration for driven people. Maybe because it’s so opposite myself that it’s fascinating to see people who are genuinely confident and try their hardest at succeed, even after many failures.

So goal one for week two is set.


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