New Goals

My main goal on here is to get better at writing, communication, discipline, and being consistent. One of the ways that can be helpful is to keep blogging even if you have nothing to say. Blogging when you feel like in the mood is a surefire way to fail. My last blog entry, not included on this site, was in February

My time management and self-discipline is very poor and I want to build that up. I really want to stick to my goals too. I say a lot of things but I never follow through which makes for not only a poor blog but also just poor lifestyle including doing stuff half-heartedly or not at all. Heck, even writing this blog is taking longer because I’m distracted by having a youtube video playing in the background. (*turns off video*)

Staying motivated is hard to do when you feel like nothing will come out of it. This is something that I struggled with since the beginning of college and I haven’t changed since then.

So maybe a good starting goal is to write something at least once a week, maybe more. It won’t be long. It’s just good practice.


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