End of One Journey

Tonight is the last night in Tennessee. It’s been such a good time. It was challenging, tiring and also very rewarding. It affirmed that I can do anything with God in control. It opened my eyes to an expanded world. I want to move away. I don’t have desire to live in my small town for the rest of my life. Even though I won’t be moving any time soon, this trip showed me that it can happen and that I’ll be alright without my parents. God showed me the dangers of “worldly” comfort.

During the trip, comfort was removed and instead of crying to go home, God drew me closer to Him. He filled me with His peace. And when that happens, something is exposed. Comfort. It’s alarming how worldly comfort can entrap people. We get so attached to things and routines. Taking away those factors forced me to look at Him. I’m reading His Word at night. My routine before bed was to go online and read fanfiction.net before bed. Now, it’s the Bible. In the morning, I’d go on my computer and check Facebook. Now, it’s reading “Jesus Calling”. They’re replacing the comfort of the world with the comfort of God. And He is a thousand times better.

While I’m so happy to be returning home, I don’t want it to be like it used to be. I want to get a job and/or volunteer in the community. Anything that will motivate me. I know it”s possible. God will help me conquer the fear.

But the real challenge will be contentment; being grateful where God puts me and use the time that I’m there to benefit God’s kingdom for HIs glory instead of grumbling about how much it sucks. I’m looking forward to returning to my parents, but not to returning to job hunting. It’s been a year and a month since graduation and still no solid job. It’s discouraging. So please pray for that.

Despite the concerns, I’m confident that God will provide. He came through before. He will do it again.


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