"I miss Church…"

That’s something that I wouldn’t have said even a year ago.

Since being in Tennessee, I’ve only gone to church once with my brother and his family There is nothing more uplifting [aside from quiet time] than being around brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though I don’t know where I’m going after this trip, there’s a longing in my soul to be with God’s people and study God’s word. But He provides other ways to draw near Him.

It was only God that I found “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It’s a small daily devotional for one year that give words of encouragement as if Jesus was talking to you, including verses to look up. It’s food for the soul. Just imagine Jesus sitting there and whispering His love and peace to you. It’s just… indescribable. Each morning I read the devotional and feel very encouraged. Sometimes workdays are stressful and since reading the book and by God’s grace, stress has not effected me like it used to.

Praise God!

Along with the devotional, God challenged me to read the Bible in one year. I’m on day 26. It’s more challenging than I thought. Not only the amount of reading but the material itself too. I don’t understand God’s ways and I wrestle with it when I read about Job or how God blessed Jacob despite him stealing his brother’s birthright and deceiving his father. I even struggle with the cultural aspects.

Regardless, He is still good and patient even when we don’t understand.



One thought on “"I miss Church…"

  1. This is such a truth Anna. I am currently trying to stick to a church and be more consistent not only in attending it but also in getting involved in it…and I realized how every step is just about being obedient to God. Hope you keep enjoying your reading. Thanks for sharing this my friendly friend.God bless. Love, Ericka.


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