His Reasons…

I like graphic design and web design. Or at least when I was younger. Now I’m doing it again semi-professionally. Now, I love it.

It is definitely a passion that I hope God takes me far with, not just monetarily. I’m better at this than marketing though market research was my favorite thing ever.

God is truly amazing because He took me out of graphic design for college and put me in marketing for a reason and I’ve found that reason. Through marketing, I’ve gained a confidence and comfortability with myself that I never had before. He’s taken my weaknesses and turned them into strengths needed to fulfill my passion.

Sure, there are always improvements need to be made but right now, I’m pretty happy with myself and my life despite not having a job and working part-time temporarily.

When I finish my two temp. jobs, I can’t wait to see where God will take me.

Update: 6:00pm
I just discovered I am eligible for the “Creative Cloud” a “rental system” at Adobe that allows me to pay $30/mo. for this year only that gives me access to almost ALL of their programs. GOD IS GOOD!
(Standard price is $50/mo.)


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