Horrible at Keeping up with Things

I always start things and never finish them. Why is that? I always say, “I’m going to start doing this!” and then get to it for about 3 days. Then I stop and wait til 5 months go by and forget it.

It’s rather depressing really. I want to be motivated to do things but it never works for me. I guess it’s just laziness. But I hate it. I hate being called lazy.

Right now though, I feel stuck. I should be looking for jobs but I have no motivation. The only consistent thing I do is my nightly routine of brushing my teeth, combing my hair, turn my computer off, read my Bible, play games on my iTouch for about 2 hours and go to sleep at an “ungodly” hour and wake up at 10-11am in the morning.

How can I change this?
What motivates people to get out of bed and be productive?


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