Keep It Simple, Stupid!

I live in the South. Good o’ Southern warm winter weather, right? NO. We’ve gotten a total of 10 to 14 inches of snow in the last week and tomorrow, it’s suppose to snow more. I hope this is the last winter blast. I miss the 50s. Nonetheless, it is very beautiful and thankfully, I have a roof over my head.

Despite the weather, classes go on as normal. Tonight, my marketing strategies professor gave a fast-paced overview of two chapters in our textbook. It was a lot to take in within the 2.5 hours of class. There are two topics that stuck with me. Simplicity and content.

I have a detailed-oriented mind. It was from being an art major and high school. In art, simplicity was good, but it kind of showed the professors that you did not work as hard. Details matter in art. My Foundations to Interactive Design class made me aware of this. The most interesting projects were the ones with detail. That’s not to say that simplicity in art isn’t wrong. In fact, there were some projects that were simple designs and they worked great. Another factor that plays into my detailed-oriented mind is when I was in high school, I used to write short papers. I wasn’t lazy. I just answered the question in the first sentence. However, the teachers tried to get me to write longer. This prepared me to write long papers in college. Finally after perfecting details, Mr. Moore challenges us to be simple. Wow.

The second topic, Mr. Moore talked about was content. He said a business must thrive on great content. He’s speaking in terms of the online medium. Once again, from a graphic/web design view point, we can create Flash enhanced websites. These websites were meant to be interactive and pretty. But without great content, that’s all it’ll ever be. No one will remember it, in terms of usefulness. Content is crucial. Give what people want and they will come back. People don’t want flashy, they want content. Business need to provide it.

Now, let’s try to combine them. While this may not work for every business or website; some businesses need to remember this. Simple content is easier to remember. While this long blog won’t be remembered, these four words should help.
“Keep It Simple, Stupid!” – (unknown)



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